‘Weak Establishment Cuck’: Trump Supporters Are Already Regretting Voting For Him (TWEETS)


Not-My-President-Elect Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn into office yet and his own supporters are already expressing regret. We hate to do it (we love to do it) but we told you so! Trumpgrets on Tumblr collected tweets from some sad Trump voters and it’s delicious. Let’s start with right-wing radio host and former Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh who in October tweeted, “On November 8th, I’m voting for Trump. On November 9th, if Trump loses, I’m grabbing my Musket. You in?”

Well, things sure have changed.












And then there’s Ann Coulter, a HUGE Trump supporter.







Don’t you love how she’s making this totally not the fault of those who supported Trump?

Deplorables are now called Trump a ‘cuck.’
























We did warn them.











Yummy. Deplorable tears!











They voted for someone with zero political experience to become leader of the free world.










Maybe they should have listened to us. Hillary Clinton has not been found guilty of anything, therefore, you can’t just ‘lock her up.’
























This is what it looks like when a Trump supporter realizes the president-elect’s actions would affect him.











*tough and *you:












Sarah Palin called Trump’s deal with Carrier ‘Crony Capitalism.’ Sorry, Sarah, we called it first.

Mediaite reports:

Teena Colebrook explained to the Associated Press that she had voted for Trump hoping he would keep his pledge to remove the elites from Washington. However, she became truly disenchanted when he chose Mnuchin, partly because it showed he’s “now backing his buddies.”

But also because Mnuchin was responsible for the loss of her home and source of income.

There are more tweets here. Some of his supporters are calling for him to stop tweeting. It’s hitting them already. The swamp isn’t being drained; it’s been filled up. Hillary Clinton will not be imprisoned for crimes she didn’t commit. Obamacare will not be fully repealed. And he might go after Medicare. One more time: WE TOLD YOU SO!

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