Well THAT’S Embarrassing: That Video Everyone Hates Trump For Retweeting Is Fake


Early this morning, Donald Trump went on a racist Twitter spree, with three successive retweets of offensive, unverified, idiotic messages from far-right British anti-Muslim activist Jayda Fransen.

Most Americans weren’t surprised by Trump’s idiocy, but we were disgusted. And what’s more, we were disappointed. But it wasn’t just here in the United States. In Britain, Trump was roundly condemned by not just citizens but by the government as well, considering the fact that Fransen is the deputy leader of “Britain First,” a political group scarcely any more respected than the KKK here in the United States.

Now we get to all feel one more thing about Trump’s itchy Twitter fingers: Amused.

At least one of the videos has now been proven — by the website it originated on — to be completely fake. Well, not fake, but at least, not even remotely what Fransen, and now Trump, claimed that it shows.

Here’s Fransen’s original tweet. Note the watermark at the top left corner of the video:

That small crown inside the circle is the logo of Dumpert.nl, a Dutch news aggregation website. The only problem is that the website itself proudly says that after the video appeared on the site, the attacker in the video was arrested for assault and that he is neither Muslim nor a migrant. The video is so blurry it’s hard to tell, but the subjects in the video tweeted by Fransen and then Trump are both white.

It’s easy enough to translate the page with a simple right-click:

Now Trump looks like even more of a clown, all around the world.

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