‘We’re All Going To Die’: The Internet Reacts In Horror When Trump Tweets About Nuclear Weapons


President-elect Donald Trump used his Twitter account where he has over 17.7 million followers to scare the fuck out of everyone.  He’s not even in power yet and  he’s talking about nuclear weapons because he’s not terrifying us enough already.

To Trump, if we “greatly strengthen and expand” America’s nuclear arsenal, it would make the rest of the world “come to its senses” and countries would then reduce the number of nuclear weapons it produces.

But. President Obama already did that in 2015 and it looks like that didn’t work.

The Internet responded in horror after Trump tweeted about nukes.

This nutbag is going to have his hands on the nuclear codes. What is the president-elect trying to distract us from this time? Hmm…

Featured image via Twitter. 

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