What New Jersey Police Think About Chris Christie


Several days ago, I took exception to Governor Chris Christie’s remarks at the debate.














Here are those remarks and his defense of them courtesy of CNN:

As ABC reports the fact is Chris Christie was simply lying to the American audience:

In a speech last week about an alarming rise in crime, Comey said some officers feel under siege because of the spread of viral videos taken by young people with cell phones. Comey said he’d heard about one police official who told his force “their political leadership has no tolerance for a viral video.”

But Comey never mentioned Obama or blamed politicians for failing to support police. And Comey made clear he didn’t have data to back up his gut impression.

Christie also said when Obama was asked to speak about the issue, he declined to support police. In fact, Obama gave a firm defense of police on Tuesday, telling a police chiefs convention that “this country is safer because of your efforts.”

So it seems as if the Governor not only delivered an erroneous characterization of Director Comey’s statement, he also has no room to speak about his own record with police.

In 2011 Think Progress reported the following:

In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie (R) instituted severe cuts to education funding, public employee benefits, and public sector jobs, while calling his action the “day of reckoning.” Christie cut $3 billion in his first two years, leaving low-income New Jerseyans with half the number of legal aid lawyers, the mentally ill without a home after a hospital had to shut down, and thousands of women without health clinics to visit. Those cuts have also left 4,000 New Jersey police officers without a job and left drug-related crime to flourish.

That doesn’t sound like a good economic, police, or social record for the Governor. Nor has it sat well with the police of his state.

In 2012 Officer Mike Pocquat wrote the following:

Our current Governor, facing the same financial crisis of those going before him, has chosen a similar route, but one with a more vilifying tone. He has again found the same victim: Your public employees. When asked about the pension situation in the State of NJ, Governor Christie replied “I wasn’t going to put 3 billion dollars into a failing pension system. We need pension reform. I passed some already for new hirees, and this fall we are going after the current employees and pension reform and benefits because we are broke.” No where does he mention how the public employees had already bailed out this state years before, and now he is focused on “GOING AFTER” the current employees to fix a mess created and compounded by politicians. To say otherwise for him would be political suicide should he aspire to higher political office, and as most of those before him, he is not about to risk his future; Rather, he would gamble on the future of those men and woman and their families who have served this state with honor and integrity.

In late 2012, Chris Christie bullied the Camden population into the dissolution of their municipal police force. Ironically enough, Christie is now praising the Camden force which is praise that not all in the community share:

He is comparing to 2012, the all-time record (with 67 homicides in the city), but who created that? He did, when he cut the funding for 168 (Camden) police officers in 2011. That’s when crime and homicide went off the charts.

While there are improvements that even President Obama has recognized, it seems quite disingenuous that Governor Christie uses Camden and the police in general to help his fledgling Presidential campaign.

It seems quite clear that Governor Christie truly only cares about politics; not his actual record, and certainly not the police.

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