While Greg Abbott Was Sworn In As Governor, Earthquakes Rock Texas


A sign from God came down as New Texas Governor Greg Abbott gave his inauguration speech today. It came in the form of three earthquakes (probably just the first three of the Four Horsemen), which shook Irving, Texas.

“As governor, I will ensure that we build the roads needed to keep Texas growing. That taxes raised for roads will be spent on roads. I will speed up our needed water projects, and I will secure our border,” Abbott said. “As governor I will continue my legacy of pushing back against Washington if they spend too much, regulate too much, or violate our state sovereignty.”

Burnt Orange Report reports:

When roads are the greatest way to spend money for Texans that you can name – crucial as that may be — your tenure is going to be a very typically bad one. Unfortunately, Texas has no times for such a governor. As Abbott spoke, three earthquakes shook Irving, the latest in a multiplying number all over the region. These are the latest likely effects of the North Texas shale boom, of which the new governor is a massive proponent, human harm and property damage be damned. One of Abbott’s last acts as Attorney General was to fight against city sovereignty by trying to block Denton’s fracking ban.

During his speech, Abbott referenced “God” six times and it seems that She answered him.

If the Koch-quakes happened while a Democrat was being sworn in, Pat Robertson would say it’s a sign from God, because gay people and abortion. So, I’m going to go with that.

God is pissed and She’s not a forgiving deity.

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H/T: FON’s Mod-God @Mea_Mark with thanks.

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