While You Were Goofing Off This Open Carry Group Was Fighting Tyranny In A Texas Park


This afternoon Open Carry advocates armed with loaded AK47s and AR15s while dressed in “goofy sports clothing” descended upon a public park in Dallas, Texas, just because they can. ​After taking a quick look at the guest list for this little get together, it’s no wonder the park warned folks to stay away from the “Armed Walk for Lives.”

Here’s the invitation to the gun walk. (Lol)



















Here’s a selfie taken at the park.












This family photo is not weird at all.





















Naturally, Matthew Short, the group’s public relations director, invoked Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris to make his point about gun rights, according to The Dallas Morning News.

“”We do not want victims of those gun free zones in Dallas,” Short said. “Dallas is not going to be Paris. We are not going to have an environment where people can go and murder 150-plus people because the public is not armed. We want the criminals to know the public is armed and going to take care of themselves.”

Here is event organizer Murdoch Pizgatti totally not looking like a sniper. He must be preparing for the park walk.




















The motivation for Come and Take It America, a Dallas-based group, to protest comes at the heels of police requesting people leave their guns at home after an early October incident in which two men were wearing bulletproof vests and carrying fake rifles, which caused a scare.

But the Open Carry group insists on the right to frighten the public for freedom- this coming less than one day after the terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

It’s Tammy! She seems nice. She’s got stuffed bears on her fireplace mantle.
















Here’s Mathew totally not seeking attention. He seems nice, too. We would definitely put our kids’ safety in the hands of this random, gun-wielding stranger wearing mirrored sunglasses and a gold chain.



















Here they are before the walk just before the take on ISIS. We dig those socks and crazy shorts, Bro.















Let’s have another look at Socks Guy.




















The cops are looking at them like, ‘WUT?”













We don’t even know what this selfiie captured, but it almost looks like the little feller on the left has a gun pointed at his dick.













More fine Muricans!













This American dummy is waving a loaded rifle over a highway. Nothing says freedom like being shot from an overpass by a flag waving “patriot.”  And do not ‘tread’ on him because he has a flag!





















This is an actual person (?) with what looks like a claw-like appendage hanging from his arm.













They don’t look scary at all because they’re smiling while they carry their gunz around the park.













Meanwhile, the police had to monitor the situation and that cost taxpayers money a lot of money.


















Watch courtesy of Fox 4:

Wow, so some people were unnerved by seeing an armed gang walking through the park? Who knew.

Here’s the thing. Mass shootings happen in America with great frequency – none of which have been stopped by an Open Carry supporter. If we are attacked on American soil, when the police arrive, how will they know the good guys with guns from the bad? We’re just asking questions here.

Here’s a link to the event page so you can peruse the selection of freedom fighters who posted selfies of their walk as they terrorized children trying to enjoy a day at the park.

They said they dressed in funny outfits so as to not create fear. We’re sure John Wayne Gacy was thinking along those lines, too.

Fun facts: In Texas, there is no background check, no training, no age limit required to carry the loaded high capacity weapons that were witness on the Katy trail today.

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