Whistleblower Watch: The Trump Organization Has Sprung A Leak


Setting aside the obvious political questions about the New York Times revelation that Donald Trump probably didn’t pay any federal income taxes from 1995 to 2010, there’s an intriguing subplot that bears watching: someone on the inside of the Trump Organization is leaking documents.

Hours before Donald delivered his big acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, an unknown person faxed the full text to David Brock’s group Correct the Record, a pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC.

Now, according to the Times, somebody in Trump Tower has copied three pages of tax records and put them in the mail.

The documents consisted of three pages from what appeared to be Mr. Trump’s 1995 tax returns. The pages were mailed last month to Susanne Craig, a reporter at The Times who has written about Mr. Trump’s finances. The documents were the first page of a New York State resident income tax return, the first page of a New Jersey nonresident tax return and the first page of a Connecticut nonresident tax return. Each page bore the names and Social Security numbers of Mr. Trump and Marla Maples, his wife at the time. Only the New Jersey form had what appeared to be their signatures.

The three documents arrived by mail at The Times with a postmark indicating they had been sent from New York City. The return address claimed the envelope had been sent from Trump Tower.

Reporter Susanne Craig, who also wrote a blockbuster review of Donald’s debt liabilities this summer, has provided a more detailed version of how she received and authenticated the documents.

Of course, nothing is certain, but this whistleblower is likely to be the same person who faxed out Donald’s speech this summer. It’s a relatively small office, even in full campaign mode, while access to all these documents would certainly be restricted to a select inside group. That means someone who knows Donald Trump better than most Americans — who has experienced him directly as a boss — is taking huge risks to let us know just how bad he really is.

And whereas Donald’s surrogates are spinning the story as evidence he’s too “smart” to pay taxes, his attorneys are taking an entirely different track. Threatening litigation, Mr. Marc E. Kasowitz, Esq. told the Times that “publication of the records is illegal because Mr. Trump has not authorized the disclosure of any of his tax returns.” To be sure, the newspaper is taking a real risk, one that would seem to be outweighed by the public interest. But Kasowitz is also making it clear that no ‘safe harbor’ will be available for the whistleblower.

Could the ‘October Surprise’ be a disgruntled Donald Trump employee?

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