White House Gets Called Out By Miami Airport For Sharing Fake News Video On Hurricane Irma


White House social media director Dan Scavino Jr., who is kind of a jerk, is trying to show that the administration is on top of things with deadly Hurricane Irma focused on Florida. Scavino has been taking to his Twitter account to report on Irma’s fury to warn the public, with Donald Trump retweeting news, too.

Scavina shared, then deleted an inaccurate video which he claimed was of Hurricane Irma on Sunday to warn of the danger at Miami International Airport.

“Sharing [Hurricane Irma] on social media with [President Trump] and [Vice President Pence] hourly. Here is Miami International Airport. STAY SAFE!!” he tweeted.

The Miami International Airport tweeted that the video was not of Hurricane Irma hitting Miami International Airport.

Scavina deleted the tweet.

Twitter users pointed out that that video was of Mexico City Airport a week ago.

Others weighed in.

The original tweet:

Remember when Scavino called Don Lemon a ‘dummy’?

There are at least three people dead in Florida, including a sheriff’s deputy, and over 5 million residents are left without power.

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