White House Staffers Are ‘Absolutely Terrified’; Trump Is Showing Signs Of Dementia


The mental health of Donald Trump has come under question, with several White House sources concerned that his self-proclaimed “good brain” ain’t so good after all.

During an MSNBC interview on Wednesday, co-author of Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” Tony Schwartz said Trump is a “man who is deeply mentally ill.

“I know that two different people from the White House, or at least saying they were from the White House and that turned out to be a White House number, have called somebody I know in the last several weeks to say ‘We are deeply concerned about his mental health,'” he said during the interview.

Schwartz added that Americans need to understand that Trump is “exceptionally dangerous” because he is “losing his grip,” and thinks the people making those calls is “to get help and advice in how to deal with someone who no longer seemed to be connected to reality.”

When asked if staffers are afraid, Schwartz responded:”Oh, absolutely terrified.”

MSNBC’s own “Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski couldn’t agree more. Scarborough said on Thursday that Trump is “completely detached from reality” and that people close to Trump told him during the campaign that he has “early stages of dementia.”

“If this is not what the 25th Amendment was drafted for,” he added, referring to the amendment that covers presidential succession and the response to a president with disabilities.

America’s has been witness to this man’s wacky comments and loony tweets, but there are so many more incidents that could lead us to conclude he’s one-watt short of lightbulb now. Take for instance the time he got confused on the tarmac on the ten-foot walk from Air Force One to his limousine. Or the time he appeared to forget the First Lady was standing next to him when he said, “Melania really wanted to be here…”

More than two dozen mental health experts believe Donald Trump is a danger and actually wrote a book published last year titled The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump:27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President. Their assessment of the madman in the Oval Office would seem to validate efforts by Congress to use of the 25th Amendment.

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