‘White Power’: Racist Letter Against Black Officers Believed To Have Come From Within The Department


A disturbing anonymous letter bitterly insulting African-American officers was recently found in mailboxes at a Connecticut police station and it’s believed to have come from inside the police department.This isn’t the first letter either. There have been others.


It was written on official letterhead and begins with the words, “WHITE POWER” in capital letters.

One line reads, “These Black Officers belong in the toilet.” The bottom of the letter repeats the words “WHITE POWER.”

According to Fox 2 Now, Authorities were alerted to the letter by a police organization for minority officers, The Bridgeport Guardians.

The letter contains racist rhetoric against all black officers, but it singles out one in particular: Clive Higgins. A jury recently acquitted Higgins of using undue force in the kicking of a detained man lying at the officer’s feet.

Fox 2 Now reports:

Two other officers, one Hispanic and one white, were also involved.

Those men — Elson Morales and Joseph Lawlor — resigned from the force, pleaded guilty to the kicking charges and will serve three months in prison, local news site ctpost.com reported.

The incident in May 2011 was caught on video and posted to YouTube.

The unsteady shot begins with the nattering sound of a Taser, before the lens sways over to a man on the ground.

Two police officers appear to try to cuff him, then both of them kick him. A third officer, African-American, pulls up in a squad car and launches one small kick at the detained man lying on the ground.

Watch courtesy of CT Post:

CT Post reports:

“Right now, there’s an active investigation at the state level, so everything is in question: its authenticity, the motive and every part of the development and distribution of it,” said city spokesman Brett Broesder. “With that said, the city has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination of any kind, especially that of a racial nature.”

He said the department, which is recruiting new officers, is the most diverse in the state.

“Any allegation of racial discrimination that seeks to divide our police department or our community will not be tolerated,” Broesder said. “If the investigation turns up any wrongdoing, swift, fair, just and immediate action will be taken against those guilty of wrongdoing. Racial discrimination will not be tolerated. Period.”

Detective Harold Dimbo said the letters, sent out over several months, were not only distributed to black officers, but all spoke negatively about black officers.

Apparently Higgins’ acquittal and his skin color bothers the racist who penned the letter.

“You better watch your back. We know where you live. Your face was all over the newspaper. Remember you have no duty weapon to defend yourself,” it read.

Gosh, I wonder how the author of the letter feels about Darren Wilson.

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