White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi Groups To Get Their Hate On In Georgia This Weekend


Everyone loves a party. It’s a time you get together with good friends to have fun, toss down a few drinks and dance ’til dawn.

This is not that kind of party.

At this party in Rome, Georgia this weekend racist skinheads, Klan, neo-Nazi and neo-confederate groups and a white supremacist motorcycle club are coming together to celebrate their hate at the White Rights Rally in Rome, Georgia this weekend.

The rally is being hosted by the Detroit-based National Socialist Movement (NSM),. The largest and most prominent neo-Nazi group in the United States, NSM has become famous for its violent anti-Jewish rhetoric and racist views, and for protesting in full Nazi uniforms until 2007, when they traded in their robes and hoods for nice “Battle Dress Uniforms.”

According to the NSM leaders:

“All non-White immigration must be prevented. We demand that all non-Whites currently residing in America be required to leave the nation forthwith and return to their land of origin: peacefully or by force.”
— “25 Points of American National Socialism,” NSM website

“When … you take a German Shepherd and mix him with a Golden Retriever you have a worthless animal that nobody wants and that isn’t worth anything if you’re trying to breed him or sell him. … [T]hese degenerates that allow their children to race mix and this sort of thing, they’re destroying the blood lines of both races.”
— NSM leader Jeff Schoep, July 25, 2007, interview

If getting their hate on in the ol’ South wasn’t bad enough, another huge racist rally and rock concert called Rock Stone Mountain will take place just 66 miles away at Stone Mountain Park, the place where Klansman David Duke once conducted annual cross burning ceremonies. Rock Stone Mountain is being held by John Michael Estes, a white supremacist and convicted felon, who has planned this “pro-white” demonstration to march against the removal of confederate symbols.

Wait, what? I thought all that confederate flag stuff was just about celebrating Southern “heritage.” You mean it’s really about bigotry and racism? Who knew?!?

At the end of Rock Stone Mountain, Estes and his friends will drive over to NSM’s event, where Aryan Terror Brigade member Tracy Cantley will play his version of outlaw country music and the North Carolina-based Klan Loyal White Knights will burn a cross. Because, you know, nothing brings a party more to life than a cross burning.

Both events are being promoted together as part of a collaborative effort among racists to address lagging support. Believe it or not, these folks are having a tough time these days garnering support for their hatred, let alone finding it difficult to recruit new members who want to join in celebrating it.

“Pro-white organizations have agreed to come together, in order to build a united front of white organizations fighting side by side for the same end goal,” wrote NSM leader Jeff Schoep wrote in an announcement.

It should come as no surprise that both events are scheduled around Adolf Hitler’s birthday. These people miss the good ol’ days of goose-stepping for Der Führer and shouting “Sig Heil.” For the rest of us, it will just be another night the lights (of real freedom and tolerance) went out in Georgia.

Image: Screengrab via YouTube.

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