White Supremacist STABS A Fresno Cop, Gets Arrested Without A Shot Fired


Apparently, taser prongs can’t penetrate black skin. That seems to be the lesson of the latest attack in the news out of California. Travis Aaron Finley is a 23-year-old white supremacist who, despite trying to murder a cop, still gets to enjoy the white privilege that keeps you from getting shot by them.

But Andrew! That’s just a Confederate flag! How do you know he’s a white supremacist? (Facebook)
Is that the Balkenkreuz, the cross used on Nazi airplanes? Oh. (Facebook)

Last week, Finley decided to go berserk on a van at the Pink Pantherz Espresso stand at the corner of Shaw and Brawley in northwest Fresno. It doesn’t take rocket surgery to figure out it was some sort of jealous rage — The stand is a purveyor of that strangest of combinations, caffeine and partially-clothed women.

Finley was smashing windows and wielding a large Bowie knife when police arrived on the scene. Clearly high on either drugs or perhaps still the smell of the Confederate blankie he surely sleeps with at home, Finley attacked the first police cruiser that showed up. When that officer called for backup, the second officer watched as Finley dropped his hunting knife and pulled out a much smaller murder weapon, stabbing him in the chest.

Good thing it wasn’t his OTHER favorite cop-murdering tool (Facebook)

Obviously the body armor the policeman was wearing protected not only his body, but his state of mind, as well. At no point did the officer “fear for his life” enough to pull out his service pistol and shoot this man.

It’s always amazing what kind of difference a little melanin can make. Like James Holmes and Dylann Roof, Travis Finley was apprehended without a single shot fired. It had to have been that pesky melanin that made 11-year-old Tamir Rice so “menacing” to those officers in Cleveland.

Featured image via Facebook

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