White Terror Suspect Kills Cop After Police Decline To Search His Car During Traffic Stop

This is what White privilege looks like.


Police in Lubbock, Texas pulled 19-year-old Hollis Daniels over after receiving reports that he had a gun and was making terrorist threats. They searched Daniels’ person but when he declined to allow them to search his car the officers determined they did not have reasonable cause to search it without Hollis’ permission and let him go on his own recognizance.

I am no legal expert, but if “armed and making terrorist threats” is not reasonable cause to search someone’s vehicle then what is? Driving while brown?

Daniels, who had been arrested the year prior for drug possession, was no angel. But he was a young white college kid, so how could he possibly pose a threat to public safety? Would this scenario have played out differently if Daniels were Muslim? Latino? Black? Pretty sure his car would have been searched and he would have been arrested, if not killed on the spot.

Shortly after the traffic stop, campus police at Texas Tech received reports of an armed student who was behaving erratically. After police found evidence of illegal drug use in his room, Daniels was arrested and taken to Texas Tech police headquarters, where he shot and killed 48-year-old campus police officer Floyd East.

Had police done their job and searched Hollis Daniels’ car during the original traffic stop, Mr. East’s death may have been avoided. It is a national tragedy that a white kid in the U.S. can run around with a gun making terrorist threats practically begging to be arrested and police will let him go, but a black man who gets pulled over during a routine traffic stop and informs the officer of his legal firearm is immediately shot and killed.

And the so-called “patriots” in this country are outraged that our NFL players continue to “take a knee” during the National Anthem. WTF is wrong with us?

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