Why The Antonio Sabato, Jr. Vanity Campaign Will Be Hilarious (VIDEO)

Antonio Sabato, Jr

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then you win.” That’s probably what Hollywood actor and Donald Trump supporter Antonio Sabato, Jr. is thinking will happen next year as he runs against incumbent Rep. Julia Brownley in California’s 26th congressional district.

But sometimes, they can’t ignore you because you’re just ridiculous — and then you lose. That seems the likely outcome of what is almost certainly going to be an ill-timed, overgrown vanity campaign. The LA Times:

Sabato is a longtime actor best known for roles in “General Hospital” and “Melrose Place” and as a model for Calvin Klein underwear. In recent years he has appeared in several reality television shows, including starring in “My Antonio,” a VH1 contest for which women competed for his affection, and “Dancing With the Stars.”

“Being a Republican and with proximity to the White House and Republican leadership, he’s going to be able to get more done — being in the majority, with his notoriety, for the residents of the 26th [Congressional] District,” Sabato backer Charles Moran told CNN.

Given the electoral wave that Republicans are building up against themselves across the nation, the justification of a Republican House majority seems more unrealistic all the time — unless, of course, you’re a a right wing kook with more opinions than sense.

During the Republican National Convention, Sabato told an interviewer that Barack Obama was a Muslim — just one of many questionable public statements the actor has made.

Sabato vowed that lots more Hollywood celebrities would emerge as Trump supporters, a prophecy that utterly failed to materialize. Since then, Sabato has claimed that Hollywood blacklisted him for supporting Trump, and definitely not for his sparse acting skills, or his made-for-TV resume of soap operas and guest star gigs.

Now the news that Sabato is trying to take down a Democrat has led to Hollywood actually coming out against him.

More to the point, the 26th District isn’t exactly Melrose Place.

After Brownley was elected to represent the 26th in 2012, its lines were redrawn to make it even more Democrat-friendly — an important reason why Brownley was reelected in the 2014 midterm, which saw Democrats lose ground in Congress to the last Tea Party wave. She had a much easier time last year, defeating Rafael Dagnesses by 20 points.

Sabato will have more name recognition than Dagnesses. But as the 26th lies mostly within liberal Ventura County in the deeply-blue region west of the Hollywood hills, he will need more than a pretty face and a close friendship to an unpopular president.

Sure, anything is possible. Rep. Brownley could suffer a scandal, or Sabato could hypnotize enough constituents with TV ads to defeat her.

But what are the chances of that compared to the probability that Donald Trump will be impeached in the meantime? How realistic is his plan to convince a majority of voters in the 26th that he’s right about Barack Obama?

The honest answer is that it won’t happen. Barring some epic intervention of fate, Antonio Sabato, Jr. will humiliate himself — a political feat he has already managed to achieve in the past. At least we’ll be entertained.

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