Wingnuts Are Pretty Sure Obama Will Run For A Third Term


I’m all for propagating the conspiracy theory that President Obama will run for a third term. It’s fun to watch right wing heads explode.

Right Wing Watch reports:

When the Family Research Council’s Craig James guest-hosted today’s edition of “Washington Watch,” several callers asked him if President Obama is plotting to illegally stay in office after his second term expires. After one caller made the allegation, a second one told James that conservatives will have to “drag” Obama out of Washington D.C. to make sure he leaves office.

“I know there are a whole host of people lined up ready to help make sure that occurs,” James said.

Audio courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Two additional callers also bought into the third-term conspiracy theory.

The host crazysplained to one caller, who believed that Obama will “have this country turned over to Islam” in his third term, that the President does not believe in Jesus Christ.

It wasn’t just one guy.

Another caller weighed in to say Obama “will declare a state of emergency, he will do a third term if that’s what it takes to complete the conversion of this country.”

James naturally agreed, saying the third-term conspiracy is “a concern of mine” and pledged to “pass a note along to Tony Perkins,” the president of the FRC, “on how we could escape that.”

Ooo he’s gonna tell Tony Perkins on Obama!

“That would be horrible,” James said of Obama’s third term, which will never happen.

“It’s not like we’d have Ronald Reagan staying in office for another year or so while we’re in a state of emergency. It’s not like we’d have someone who really cares about you and me. We’re talking about someone who is there in that office as the leader of the free world, the United States of America, who doesn’t get it. That’s the concern. It fires me up, the thought that the guy can stick around in that office beyond a year and three-quarters. He’s got to be gone. We will follow up on that.”

I can’t imagine how these rumors start, can you?

Mitch McConnell said after Obama’s State of the Union address, “My first thought was it sounded like he was running for a third term.”

Seriously, that was his first though?

Breitbart’s misleading headline from November (in Republican caps), “POLL: 39% OF DEMOCRATS WANT OBAMA TO RUN FOR A THIRD TERM” neglects to mention that they ‘wish’ he could run. They do not ‘want’ him to run. Big difference.

Meanwhile, Republicans just might sneak a third Bush into the White House, if we don’t get out the vote. That’s not a conspiracy theory.

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