Wisconsin Mayor: Mrs Obama And Her ‘Muslim’ Partner Have ‘Destroyed The Fabric Of Democracy’


The mayor of a Wisconsin city posted a picture of First Lady Michelle Obama, along with the words, “Unbelievable! She and her Muslim partner have destroyed the fabric of democracy that was so very hard fought for!”















Five Superior City Councilors are now calling on Mayor Bruce Hagen to retract the Facebook comment, according to WDIO.

A screen grab of Hagen’s comment.




















“Quite simply, these are really inappropriate comments,” councilor Graham Garfield said Monday. “How can we have a non-partisan elected mayor who has to work with elected officials, including the president’s office, making these comments?”

WDIO reports:

Garfield said he and councilors Warren Bender, Esther Dalbec, Denise McDonald, and Dan Olson were calling on Hagen to immediately apologize and retract his comments. Garfield said he personally would call on Hagen to resign if the Mayor decides to stand by his comments.

State representative Nick Milroy (D-South Range) also called for the Mayor to retract his comments.

“I’m absolutely shocked and dumbfounded that the mayor would say something so callous and untrue about the First Lady,” Milroy said. “This is not what Superior is about. We’ve always been a community that’s welcoming to all people.”

Watch courtesy of WDIO:

City council president Tom Fennessey said the Mayor’s comment was personal communication and has nothing to do with city council or city business.

“I’m not saying he’s done anything criminal, but he’s certainly put his leadership capabilities in question,” said Garfield.

Hagen told FOX 21 the comment was made in response to a friend’s comment.

“Do we still have freedom of speech in the country? Sometimes I kind of forget,” Hagen said.

“I have huge respect for the Office of the President, but no respect for the current administration,” he added.

President Obama identifies as a Christian. Claims to the contrary have been awarded a ‘pants on fire’ rating from Politifact.

With presidential debate rhetoric targeting Muslims, then misidentifying our country’s first black President as a Muslim, it’s understandable that Hagen’s remark is considered to be inappropriate.

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