With Zero Facts On Hand, Donald Trump Tweets EgyptAir Crash Is Terror Attack


The rest of the world doesn’t work like Donald Trump. Thank goodness. The rest of the world thoroughly does research and investigates situations to find out the facts before it speaks.

But because, as he’s told us, Mr. Trump consults “with himself” because he has “the best” brain, he didn’t wait for investigators before stating that Egypyt SAir flight MS804 crash “looks like” terror.

Donald Trump knows nothing (except to speak before he thinks). So forget what Trump says for now. According to live news updates from the BBC, this is what we know now:

Hours after Egypt Air reported the disappearance of its flight 804, which left Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris late Wednesday night and was scheduled to arrive in Cairo about fours later. There were 66 people on board; 56 were passengers (including three children), seven were crew members and three were security personnel.

Rescue teams are searching the Mediterranean near a Greek Island for the airplane, which disappeared soon after takeoff. They have not said exactly what happened or if the crash was terrorism related.

Greek aviation officials say air traffic controllers spoke to the pilot when he entered Greek airspace and everything appeared normal. They tried to contact him again at 02:27 Cairo time, as the plane was set to enter Egyptian airspace, but “despite repeated calls, the aircraft did not respond”. Two minutes later it vanished from radar.

The Egyptian military said they did not receive any kind of distress signal. Greek authorities say the plane made abrupt turns before vanishing and dropping 22,000 feet.

Egyptian Aviation Minister Sherif Fathi said: “Let’s not try to jump to the side that is trying to identify this as a technical failure – on the contrary.

“The situation may point – and I say ‘may’ because I don’t want to speculate and I don’t want to go to assumptions like others – but if you analyse the situation properly, the possibility of having a different action, or having a terror attack, is higher than the possibility of having a technical [fault].”

French President Francois Hollande said he was keeping an open mind about the cause: “We will draw conclusions when we have the truth about what happened.

While terrorism is a possibility, there has been no confirmation. And world leaders, including our own in America, do not want anyone to speculate because there is so much we don’t know. They need to continue to gather all the information and look at everything they discover, including the black box.

So Mr. Trump, you know the old saying, “When you assume, you make an ass of u and me?”

Yeah, that.

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