Woman Beats Best Friend To Death During Argument Over ‘Presidential Politics’


A Detroit woman was ordered Thursday to stand trial in the killing of her friend who she allegedly beat to death with a slow cooker after the two argued about politics.


Tewana Sullivan, 50, who is charged with murder, wept during her preliminary hearing while hearing graphic details about the fatal Oct. 22 assault on Cheryl Livy, 66.

She beat her friend to death – over politics.

“Whatever the controversy is between Democrats and Republicans,” Sullivan’s defense attorney, John McWilliams, told the court and added that it was an argument over “presidential politics.”


As AddictingInfo’s author notes, “We’ll probably never know whether one was a Democrat and one was a Republican…”

But we do know their fight to the death was stupid as fuck.

Oakland County Medical Examiner Dr. Ljubisa Dragovic testified before Livonia District Judge Sean Kavanagh that Livy died of blunt force injuries to her head, face and mid-back.

The Detroit News reports:

Livy also had defensive injuries to the back of her hands where it appears she tried to protect herself, Dragovic testified.

Livy was discovered barely breathing with the cord of the “busted” slow cooker around her neck in her apartment around 10:45 p.m. at the McNamara Towers senior housing complex in the 19300 block of Purlingbrook, officer Thomas Blauvelt testified.

Blauvelt said he found “blood all over the walls, all over the floor, all over the victim.”

“The Crockpot is busted over her head with the cord around her throat. She was barely breathing,” he said.

Police testified, that the found Sullivan at the apartment appearing to be disoriented and “under the influence,” with blood on her hands and clothing nearby.

According to one officer,  Sullivan was saying “I’m sorry. I did it. I’m sorry. I did it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. She was sobbing. She was crying.”

Livy was taken to a local hospital where she died two days later.

The defense attorney said his client and Livy had been drinking, but Dragovic testified that no alcohol was found in Livy’s system.

Sullivan is being held in the Wayne County Jail. Her arraignment will be Feb. 12th.

I’m the only Democrat in my family. The worst thing I’ve done over politics was block them all the day before Thanksgiving. Yes, they’re still blocked, but I didn’t beat them to death. You’re welcome, family!

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