Woman Who Looks Like Ted Cruz Appears On ‘Maury,’ Hilarity Ensues


Yesterday my television was stuck on what I refer to as “the crap channel.” Court room TV shows and bad daytime talk shows. DirectTV won’t send a tech out until Friday and it takes about 10 minutes to change the channel. So, I turned the television off when Maury Povich came on. Mainly because, well, it’s Maury. Who actually watches that shit?

Apparently, I should have yesterday because it’s come to light that Ted Cruz’s father may just have some explaining to do. Let’s get the lie detector out! It’s that or Cruz likes to dress up as a woman and pretend she doesn’t know who her baby daddy is. I prefer the latter. Oh please God let the latter be the truth. Please. I’ll give an imaginary testicle for it.


That’s right. The female guest who appeared on the show to figure out who her baby daddy is looks like Cruz’s long lost identical twin sister. Images from Monday’s episode “5 Men Tested … Will I find My Daughter’s Father Today?” (LOL) made it to Reddit on a pro-Donald Trump page, and the rest is history.

Thank you Internet for these little blessings you give me daily.


No comment from Cruz (of course); however, my sympathies and apologies go out to the poor woman whose face has now been compared to Cruz’s. It wouldn’t be so funny if Cruz wasn’t such a pious little shit.

h/t: Hollywood Life.


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