Y’all Qaeda Militant ‘Fluffy Unicorn’ Arrested in Arizona


Brian Cavalier, 44, who wears military style clothing with his Y’all Qaeda brothers up in them thar hill at the Oregon refuge which was taken over by armed militants, has been arrested.

Cavalier, who goes by the ‘code name’ “Fluffy Unicorn,” and has never served in the military even though he’s been posing as a retired U.S. Marine, seems to have found himself in trouble with the law on an unrelated incident.

Cavalier, a bodyguard to Ammon Bundy during the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and to Cliven Bundy during his earlier standoff with the federal government, was arrested this week by police near Phoenix, according to E & E Publishing.

Cavalier was also known on the refuge as “Booda Bear,” and it was revealed recently that he represents another case of Stolen Valor within the Bundy militia, however, that’s not why he was arrested.

Police discovered he had an outstanding warrant, the Buckeye Police Department said.

A spokesman for the police department said that Cavalier was a passenger in a “suspicious vehicle” and that the driver of the vehicle also had a warrant and was arrested. The driver’s name was not disclosed.

Cavalier was booked into the Maricopa County jail, where he was later released by a judge.

Details on the warrant were not immediately available, but according to one source, it did not involve federal violations.

As for the Bundy militia still occupying the refuge, they’re busy putting new stickers on government vehicles.

And then there’s this:

We’re not sure why the feds are allowing vandalism, armed intimidation, as well as permitting a group affiliated with the militants to confront federal agents at the FBI compound without even giving them a stern talking to.

After all, they never arrested Pete Santilli, the Bundy militia spokesman, when he threatened to shoot Hillary Clinton ‘in the vagina.’

It makes a person wonder what’s going on up there.

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