‘You’re A Monster’: Florida Republican Gets Savaged For Gun Control Is ‘Fake News’ Tweets


Rep. Jay Fant, a Republican candidate for Florida state attorney general, decided to weigh in on the gun control debate following the massacre at a Florida high school in which 17 lives were taken, including children. It’s almost as if Republicans are in a race to the bottom. The last school shooting, just a few days ago, was in Fant’s state so he should measure his words, or at least try not to be a dick.

“The Parkland killer has taken away enough from us,” Fant tweeted. “Let’s not let this tragedy take away our right to bear arms too.”

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Fant used the tweets to call out Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum who is a favorite conservative target. Gillum has been calling for gun control measures in the wake of the Florida high school massacre.

He called gun control ‘fake news.’

That didn’t go down well on Twitter.

Gillum responded to say, “Bless your heart, Representative,” which is a phrase used sarcastically in the South.

Fant is using the NRA playbook and that doesn’t work anymore or hasn’t he noticed? Children are speaking out because they’re exhausted after having to learn to hide in closets when a gunman strolls up and down the hallways, shooting randomly at whoever he comes across. The AR-15 is not necessary for self-defense. No one wants to ban guns but it would be nice to ban donations from the NRA.

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