Blocked By Trump On Twitter: Bess Kalb Wins The Internet And Legions Of Adoring Fans


Bess Kalb has been trolling Donald Trump on Twitter for so long, you’d think she gets paid for it.

She doesn’t, of course, although that would be almost as sweet a gig as she actually has: writing for Jimmy Kimmel. You didn’t think he comes up with all those jokes on his own, did you? In fact, it seems like every comedian and comedy writer does a little tweeting on the side. But Bess has a timeline unlike all the others. Wanna see a smackdown when some random jerk vomits his mansplaining all over her? Check. Looking for a way to laugh instead of cry at all the racist bullshit Trump’s election has unleashed? She’s got you covered. I had to double take her Twitter bio to make sure it didn’t say BOSS Kalb.

In short, she was born to eff with Donald Trump. Last night, it finally paid off:

What could Bess have possibly done? What tweet could have been so extreme, so hurtful, that the leader of the free world took time out of his day pushing world leaders out of the way, snoozing through important meetings, and fighting terrorists with his bare hands?

Come on now, Donnie. That doesn’t seem so bad! There are PLENTY of other tweets that you could have blocked her for!

Her fake commencement speech from Hillary…

[email protected] Get out of the marriage. By any means necessary.” (in Melania’s native Slovenian)

Pretty sure none of us could have summed up POTUS’s first trip to the Middle East so succinctly.

“…and such dainty fingers! You should do those Palmolive commercials! You remember those.”

Sorry, Bess. Gotta get rid of the Orange guy first.

None of those seemed to irritate the Snowflake-in-Chief enough to put the hammer down, but “bone spurs” did her in? It’s official: Bess Kalb won the internet on Sunday, even though her episode of @Midnight was like a billion years ago.

Oh, and this person gets second place:

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