Fox News Financial ‘Expert’ Indicted On 8 Counts Racketeering, Embezzlement, Extortion (VIDEO)


Decent people need not apply to become an “expert” on Fox news; apparently, it takes a fake, a phony, a fraud, a sexual predator or a criminal to achieve this.

Take, for instance, CEO Ryan Tate of Oklahoma-based Tate Publishing and Enterprises, who was once a popular financial expert for Fox business.

That was then.

This is now. Not only is Ryan a crook, he’s known to be one of the worst bosses ever, earning himself a reputation for berating, belittling and firing his employees in front of everyone.

But now, he and his father Richard Tate join the continuing list of “bad hombres” at Fox, having been indicted on eight separate counts of racketeering, embezzlement and extortion charges by Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter this week.

The latest twist in the saga of this crafty Tate duo is that after Ryan wrote a letter advising some of Tate’s clients the firm was reopening, Hunter arrested them on 8 counts of embezzlement, extortion and racketeering.

The Tates have worked with tens of thousands of clients to publish their books and music for more than two decades. But earlier this year, Richard told their local newspaper The Oklahoman that the company was going through some tough economic times in 2013. Just a few years later Tate Publishing was sued by printing services providers for millions of dollars. And in January 2017, the company closed its doors. And months later, Xerox and Lightning Source won their cases against Tate Publishing.

Agent Elizabeth Fullbright, who works in the AG’s Consumer Protection Unit, said she had been investigating consumer complaints against the Tate company, and an associated firm, Tate Music Group, since June 2015.

“A review of bank records shows that monies derived from the sale of publishing or music production services were deposited into business checking accounts and then transferred to Ryan Tate and Christy Tate and/or Richard Tate and Rita Tate’s personal checking accounts,” Fullbright stated.

“Bank records also show that the $50 processing fee checks from authors, made payable to Tate Publishing, were deposited directly into both Tate Publishing checking accounts and the personal bank account of Richard and Rita Tate. Richard and Rita Tate’s account appears to be used for personal transactions, including dining and entertainment at casinos in Oklahoma.”

The files charged against the Tate’s on Thursday were based on past interactions between the company, or its affiliated operation, and one client.

Hunter said it’s likely more charges against the two men will come, and perhaps additional defendants added to the case.

“That had something to do with us approaching this in the expeditious manner that we did. We don’t need any more victims,” Hunter said. “We are very focused on this. There now have been more than 800 complaints, and we are going to look into each one of them.”

Hunter said the unit still doesn’t know how much money the Tates might have wrongfully obtained.

Author Heather D. Nelson, who has a lifetime contract with Tate Publishing, was relieved. “It is incredibly encouraging to see the attorney general taking us seriously,” Nelson said. But also said nobody really knows how much money the Tates have or what they owe.

“As much as I am excited to see that the attorney general making is process and moving forward, because of how slowly this process has gone, I don’t know that I am that hopeful we will get much,” she said. “It is encouraging to know that at the very least, the Tates are not going to do this to someone else.”

Ordered to surrender their passports, Richard and Ryan Tate are working to get released on a $100,000 bond.

What is it with Fox? The never-ending list of bogus experts they’ve hired and fired for criminal behavior include former Fox Media VP Brian Lewis, who got the boot for mishandling financial irregularities, and phony CIA agent and terrorism/Benghazi-expert Wayne Shelby Simmons and fake Swedish security expert, Nils Bildt. Canned for inappropriate office behavior are The Five‘s Bob Beckel for illegal drug use and Fox White Correspondent Ed Henry for an extra-marital affair.

Further, totally false claims and comments got Judge Andrew Napolitano and Dick Morris previously axed and, more recently, the growing list of sexual allegations and lawsuits at the network got former Fox CEO Roger Ailes and combative host Bill O’Reilly ousted. Fox just forced out its new co-President Bill Shine, a close ally of Ailes, too.


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