Michelle Obama Gives Zero F*cks And No sympathy For Melania Trump (VIDEO)


First Lady Michelle Obama is one classy lady. And an intelligent, beautiful and funny lady, too. The First Lady made her second appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night and it was amazing.

First of all, she does an impression of President Obama that is spot on, including his famous smiles.

But the best part of the interview was when Colbert addressed the GOP elephant in the room, Melania Trump. Colbert asked First Lady if she had any sympathy for political spouses who have to stand by their partners no matter what.

She doesn’t.

“No, not really,” said the First Lady.

“You have to be in it if you’re in it. And if you don’t agree, you should’ve agreed before they ran,” she said. “If I didn’t agree with what Barack was saying, I would not support his run. So I stand there proudly, and I hope they are too—so no sympathy.”

Colbert responded saying, “Melania Trump was so criticized for using what turned out to be a portion of your speech, but do you have any sympathy [for her] because there are people around her creating things? …and, you know, I have some sympathy for her, do you understand how that might be… sympathetic for what happened to her?”

“Yeah, that was tough,” Mrs. Obama replied with a smile.

If you remember, the day after the Republican National Convention, we all found out that Mrs. Trump had plagiarized portions of a speech the First Lady had given in 2008. Even more ironic (and delightful) was the fact that “stolen” speech had been written by the speechwriter for another First Lady — Hillary Clinton.

Of course, the Trump campaign lied and denied the speech had been plagiarized. But soon after their vehement denials in print and on broadcast media, they put the blame on some in-house staff writer named Meredith McIver who took responsibility for the blunder and wrote a letter of apology. No one outside of Trump Tower has ever heard or seen McIver, but the Trump folks swear it was her fault. And they made her take responsibility for the blunder.

After that Obama smile, Colbert quickly changed the subject and the pair talked about Beyonce,” how she feels about the Obama presidency coming to an end, and an oh-my-gosh moment (SPOILER ALERT: it was a sleepover at Buckingham Palace).


Gawd, I’m gonna miss this woman. And if she ever decides to run for office, she’s got my vote.

Featured image via screen capture.

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