Officer: Boy’s Tweet Threatening To Kill ‘Towel Heads In Honor Of 9/11’ Is Covered By First Amendment


A threatening tweet sent out Thursday night from a California high school graduate stating, “Gonna go kill some towel heads tomorrow in honor of 9/11, who’s with me?” was taken down along with his Twitter account.














“This is very sad. This is very sad,” said Mohamad Wehbe, a Muslim who read the tweet said. “You know why? God created us. We are all the same. We have two eyes, two hands, two legs.”

Sgt. Joe Grubbs, a spokesman for the Bakersfield Police Department, said, “Nothing about that is illegal,” and added that he is “well within his first amendment rights to say something like that.”

According to KBFX, Grubbs admitted that the boy’s tweet was insensitive, but he said there has to be a specific individual victim for the message to be treated as a threat or a hate crime.

“From this tweet, I don’t think there’s really anything to be scared about,” said Grubbs.

KBFX spoke to boy’s mother on the phone and she said her son had no intention of apologizing for the tweet or responding in any way.

“He needs to go back to Twitter and apologize to say that he did not mean it, to say that it was a mistake,” said Wehbe. “I will forgive him anyway… I’m a very peaceful guy. I’ve never hurt anybody in my life. I left my country to come over here to live the American dream.”

Emad Meerza, the elected community leader of Bakersfield Muslims, wants to have an open conversation with the boy and his mother.

“I really think that it’s important that we have a better defined line,” he said, “because some of us are confused.”

Watch courtesy of KBFX:

Meanwhile, the mother later released a statement stating, “I would like to state that I never said my child wouldn’t apologize. I just stated that he would not be interviewed, as he is a minor. He knows he made a huge mistake, and he is very sorry.”

“He has been taught right from wrong and would never do something like that. My child is not racist,” she said. “We are not racists. The story has been twisted. As a mother, I am protecting my child. That is my job.”

Mom is say he’s not a racist even though he wants to kill Muslims and have others join him in his quest. We get it.

What we’d like to know is ‘where is the father in all of this’ and ‘what kind of music does the boy listen to?’

Actually, I saw this tweet when it was circulated and I promptly reported it. Threats against other people’s lives are not covered by the First Amendment despite what the officer says.

We wonder how the officer and mother would feel if a Muslim tweeted that he would kill American citizens in honor of 9/11.

There would certainly be a knock at his door from the Feds.

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