This Former CIA Agent Has The PERFECT Way To Get Trump Off Twitter – And It Just Might Work


Donald Trump should have been kicked off of Twitter a long time ago, per their terms of service. After all, they say no harassment campaigns, no threats, not incitement to violence. Trump has done all of these on the social media platform, and most people have been adamant that the @realDonaldTrump account should be gone permanently. Others have been banned for much less. However, Trump’s position as the orange squatter in the White House means that there’s no way the social media giant will ban him. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that someone has come up with an alternative way to rid the world and our lives of Trump’s Twitter insanity.

Valerie Plume is a former CIA Agent. She also thinks Donald Trump should not be on Twitter. So, instead of complaining, the wonderful Plume decided to try and to something to put an end to Trump regularly assaulting the world with his harassing, threatening, and even violent tweets. Ms. Plume has said that she actually wants to buy Twitter. Then, she can kick Trump off the platform herself.

Plume wants to raise a cool billion to get rid of Trump, and just in the first morning of her efforts, she is already up $6,000. Of course, Team Trump is furious with Plume’s efforts and the news she is generating regarding Trump’s abusive Twitter habits. They released a statement that read:

“Her ridiculous attempt to shut down his First Amendment is the only clear violation and expression of hate and intolerance in this equation.”

Of course, the idea that Hillary is anywhere near as hateful as Trump is downright laughable – or it would be if Trump weren’t so dangerous. I mean, we’re talking about a man who actually threatened nuclear war via Twitter, and even that wasn’t enough for those money grubbing, cowardly people to realize that Trump should not have access to their platform.

Now, clearly this is a longshot, but, say that some CEO at Twitter decided he had really had enough of Trump giving his business such a terrible name, and decided to give Valerie Plume what she wants, providing the money is raised – which it looks like it just might be if beginning figures are any indication. Now, a billion dollars is a lot, and Plume needs six billion to control Twitter, but she COULD buy just enough to influence Twitter’s shareholders on this and other things. Hell, for once, Twitter might no longer be an abusive platform for the bully-in-chief and his cultish followers. We can hope!

At any rate, this is brilliant. Hopefully, we will experience the same kind of fluke that gave Trump the White House, and the orange man is permanently banned from Twitter in the wake of Valerie Plume’s takeover.

Speaking of Twitter…

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