Trump’s Campaign Paid Don Jr.’s Lawyer $50,000 Two Weeks BEFORE The Email Scandal Broke

Trump Jr.

Roughly two weeks before emails revealed Donald Trump Jr. was seeking opposition research from attorneys representing the Russian government, his dad’s re-election campaign was paying the law firm that now represents Junior in what’s now become a legal and political train wreck of sobering proportions, The Daily Beast reports.

The campaign coughs up money

A recent filing with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) shows that President Trump’s re-election campaign paid the law offices of Alan Futerfas $50,000 on June 26. Coincidentally, this is when Trump’s legal team found out about “the emails.” Specifically, the June 2016 email exchange in which Trump Jr., through an associate, sought damaging information on rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump Jr. hired Futerfas last week after The New York Times unearthed the email, along with the associated meeting. A high-profile attorney, Futerfas is best known for representing four of New York’s most notorious Italian mafia families. Instead of being announced by the Trump campaign, Futerfas’s hiring was announced by the Trump Corporation. Donald Junior is a trustee at TrumpCo.

Trump Jr. doesn’t currently face any official allegations of legal wrongdoing. But he and the White House are scrambling to rein in any political and legal fallout from the controversy. This is according to The Daily Beast who add that:

It was not immediately clear whether the campaign expenditure was remuneration for Futerfas’s representation of Trump’s son, on Russia-related or other matters. But the payment sticks out on a presidential campaign’s expenditure list: Futerfas’s expertise is in white-collar criminal defense, not political and election law.

But Trump’s re-election campaign paying for his offspring’s criminal defense attorney wasn’t the only FEC bombshell revealed on Saturday.

The Trump campaign conveniently pays the Trump Corporation.

It seems the Trump re-election campaign also paid TrumpCo nearly $90,000 for legal services. That was just three days after paying Futerfas, Raw Story reports.

According to If You Only News, Trump claims he knows nothing about his son’s meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer. But Junior engineered it in the hopes of finding information that could be used to discredit Hillary Clinton. Campaign representatives Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort attended the meeting, held in Trump Tower, as well.

If there’s one thing that’s clear about this, it’s that this Russian pot-boiler is far from over and more information is going to come out. That means the story is not over nyet.

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